Giving thanks

Thanks = Appreciation = Kudos = Recognition = Gratitude

Say thanks!

You can send a thank you message to anyone who has an email address or someone who already has a profile and is part of the inkscroll community.

These messages will be shown in both your records and the recipients. Make sure that you write your message in English as this is the only language we support at the moment.

Be genuine, truthful, mindful, appreciative and don’t forget to include why you are thankful.

To send a thank you message:

  1. Go to your Moments page
  2. Click on Thank someone
  3. Enter your message and @mention someone by their username
  4. If you’re not sure what their username is, in to To field enter their email address
  5. When applicable, enter in the company name of where you are working
  6. Click on Send Message

The message will appear in Moments / Sent.

If you want to, you can add one or more emojis from the available list to accompany your message.

Delete a new message

New messages can be deleted within 5 minutes of creation by clicking on the Trash icon just in case you realised that your message isn’t quite right.

What is an inappropriate thank you message?

An inappropriate thank you message is determined by one or more of these factors. The message…

  • doesn’t convey a genuine thank you in well written, plain English
  • contains unsuitable language such as profanity
  • contains three-letter abbreviations (TLAs) as those can be subject to the wrong interpretation
  • contains hyperlinks (website addresses and urls).

If we determine that a thank you message is inappropriate, it will be deleted.

How do I report an inappropriate thank you message?

It is a shame that someone wrote an inappropriate thank you message that they published. To report this, get in touch with us stating which username wrote the message. We’ll take a look and if it is inappropriate we will delete the message.

Updated on August 7, 2023

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