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Introducing Teams

Teams provide a place for co-workers to share their details with each other.

You’ll be the owner of any Team you create and can associate it with a company. Teams allow any current member of the team to invite others to join the team. An invitee must accept the invite in order to become a member of that Team.

Teams only shows information to its Members and a Member can leave the team any time they like.

A Team will show who its Team Owner is as well as the list of all current Members of the team.

Each Team will display the Memories shared by other team members as well as talent and traits information such as certifications, languages and personality profile details and finally members’ food taste preferences – super useful when having a meal together or virtually!

Team Members can also see each other’s scroll details.

While on the Home or Teams pages, the Teams section will show Insights about team members ranging from their languages, food preferences, personality profile and certifications.

Updated on August 14, 2023

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