Manage members

If you are on a Team subscription plan, you may have up to 12 team members in a single team. For the Business subscription plan, its unlimited.

Invite new members to your team

A Team is where people can share their chosen memories, food preferences and talent details such as languages, certifications, and personality profiling information.

Team invitation permissions

Once a Team has been created, as well as the Team Owner, any other member can invite other people to your Team.

To invite someone:

  1. From the Team page, click on the Invite button
  2. Enter their email address
  3. Click on Invite

The invited person (invitee) will receive an email informing them of the invitation to the team which they must choose to accept in order to become a Team Member.

Pending invitations

The Team Owner can see pending invitations. Invitations that haven’t been accepted yet are listed underneath the invite form. Pending invites can be resent or an existing invitation can be rescinded at any time.

Updated on August 14, 2023

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