Who can see my profile?

The principle behind us storing information is on a need-to-know basis. All your information is private to you by default (unless you choose to share it) apart from the basic profile items mentioned below.

You choose whether or not to share your details with others when the data is attributed to yourself.

In specific cases, as listed below in ‘What data items can be shared?’, we will anonymise the data, ie. erase identifiers that connect you, an individual, to stored data before aggregating the data for insights.

Members of the inkscroll support team may view your profile in order to help provide assistance or act on your behalf as a scribe to enter information as part of supporting you.

Your basic profile

When you create an account, your basic profile is public to all users that have registered with us. When we talk about user basic profile information, here’s what’s included:

  • username
  • full name
  • profile picture

For instance, this information will appear when adding an appreciation moment as part of the @mention list.

Enhanced information (scroll)

Scroll information includes your core values, work style and habit details, languages, certifications, roles and statements, personality report results, recognition statistics and food preferences.

There are three ways in which you can choose to share your own scroll information with others. In all cases, the person you share your details with must be logged in first to view your details.

  1. When you accept an invite to a team, your scroll details will be shared with other members in that same team
  2. When you generate a scroll sharing code and give that code link to someone to view your scroll details
  3. When you apply to a vacancy via inkscroll’s Job Board that uses the QualifyToApply feature, your details will be shown to the Hirer

At all times, you can see who has looked at your scroll and you have visibility of who the other team members are in the same team.

What data items can be shared?

Below is the list of what can be shared as of today. Sharing is always initiated by the individual.

N/A – Not applicable as no feature exists for it.

Data ItemAll users1 on 1 sharingTeamCompany
Basic profile information
(username, full name, profile picture)
Enhanced information: core values, work style and habit details, languages, certifications, roles and statements, and food preferencesNoYesYesOnly if individual has applied to a vacancy and passed iQualify check.
Belbin personality profileNoOnly Preferred Team RoleOnly Preferred Team RoleNo
DISC personality profileNoYesYesDISC primary style only when a Team is associated to the Company (as team members have accepted invite to team). Not associated to an individual.
FIRO-B personality profileNoYesNoN/A
MBTI personality profileNoYesYesN/A
SDI personality profileNoYesYesN/A
MomentsNoBest Moment and recognition statistics only. Only the memory album(s) chosen to be shared by its User.Only Moments associated with a Company.
Compensation record detailsNoNoNoAggregate only
Job application record detailsNoNoNoNo
Updated on September 10, 2023

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