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inkscroll is different. It is not a mature Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and neither a traditional Job Board. The Hiring section aims to do is provide better job matching capabilities to both talent (jobseekers) and a business looking to hire new staff.

There are a number of differences that inkscroll provide that are worthwhile covering:

  • Vanancies are immediately posted. They cannot be scheduled or remain in draft mode.
  • New vacancies will appear on our Job Board and Talent may be notified of a new vacancy depending on their job preferences.
  • Vacancies can be added by our members so you may be surprised to see vacancies listed that you personally didn’t post.
  • Vacancies can be commented on by our members. These comments are visible to logged in users.
  • Archived vacancies are available to our members for research and learning opportunities and will appear in the Career section for professional individuals.

Vacancies overview

A summary of the number of active vacancies and the total number of what we have in the System is given.

Use the Add Vacancy button to enter in the new vacancy details for immediate posting. Once you have a vacancy record, you can add your must-have requirements. Alternatively, our inkscroll support team will be happy to add the vacancy for you along with the agreed must-have requirements.

Once posted, the vacancy will immediately appear on our Job Board. The vacancy can be closed at any time and be archived. Once a vacancy is archived, it will disappear from the Vacancies list. It will be available for research and learning opportunities.

How does a jobseeker get checked?

When a jobseeker looks at the vacancy details, is interested in applying, and the vacancy has at least 1 must-have requirement, the [Submit your eligibility] button will appear for the jobseeker.

Once clicked, the System will check their details against the vacancy’s must-have requirements. If successful, a unique iQualify Code will be generated. This can be included in their application form as proof that they have met the necessary details.

From a Hiring Manager’s perspective once the individual has a iQualify Code they have qualified.

If the Hiring Company, changes the requirements list, this does not affect the previously qualified candidates and they will remain in the qualified list.

Who’s qualified?

To view which candidates have qualified, click on Qualified to be taken to the Qualified Candidate List page.

Click on a candidate’s name to view their match information, see up to 3 most recent roles, and check their iQualify Code. To get a more detailed work persona perspective of the candidate take a look at their scroll information.

Sharing application questions

If you are using your ATS system for recording applications, you can also add the application questions to the vacancy record in order to help jobseekers better prepare and consider before they actually apply if they should.

Qualify to Apply service new vacancy posting checklist

  1. Add the vacancy
  2. Add the must-have requirements for the vacancy
  3. Add the application questions (optional)
  4. View the Qualified Candidates List page to copy the iQualify details
  5. Review the qualified candidates when convenient
Updated on September 6, 2023

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