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Drive your career forward


There’s a rich set of features that covers your career journey from job searching, past and current roles that you have done, recording your compensation history, what you applied to, and showcasing your achievements to date.

We also keep a record of past vacancies which you can browse through to help you decide what kind of role you would like to do in the future.

Understanding roles, statements, and skills

You can store your current and past roles (both paid for and voluntary) and then make statements about your career and choose to link it to a particular role.

At the core of the career feature set are what we call Statements. These are informative, truthful statements that could be verified within its context. For example:

Scaled a team from 50 to 160 team members in 24 months

The above statement should be linked to a role to give it context.

A statement may have one or more associated skills, like this one:

We have over 70 statement templates pre-defined in our System ready for you to use covering a range of categories including teamwork, people and team management, organisation structure, financials and metrics, and employment contract details.

Skills are a pre-defined list with a descriptor to make sure you select the right definition. New skills will be added to our skills library once curated.

If you find there’s a statement template or particular skill definition missing, let us know and we’ll add it in.

Compensation History

You can keep track of your salary and benefits information by storing your compensation information and linking it to a specific role.

In return, the System will provide you with handy % pay rise information and we’ll notify you how long ago your last pay rise was and will send you a reminder when it comes up to a year.

Updated on September 7, 2023

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