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Managing job applications

We’ve all been there. We start applying to jobs and find that we need to keep notes on each one before it becomes a blurry haze. inkscroll helps you stay organised with the Application Tracker.

The System does not apply to the job vacancy automatically on your behalf unless you see Apply via inkscroll option. If it isn’t showing then you need to do apply on the company website yourself as a separate action.

Application Tracker features

The Application Tracker has a number of sections (tabs) and the default active tab Open applications will show you applications that are currently open.

Other sections include:

  • Closed
  • Archived
  • Responses
  • Metrics

Adding an application

Hopefully you have already found an interesting job vacancy and applied to it by whichever means is required by the prospective employer or recruitment agency. You can retrospectively add information about the application, this is a two step process:

Step One: You add the job vacancy

Step Two: Record your application details against the job vacancy

To add a new vacancy and application:

  1. From the Career / Application Tracker page, click on Add application not on job board
  2. Enter as much information as you can and select Add
  3. The new job listing will be added and the System will automatically Record as Applied
  4. Enter as much application information as you like (don’t forget the covering note details) and select on Add

Open applications

Your open application records can be accessed by selecting Career / Application Tracker. Your applications are grouped depending on what application state they are in:

  • Applied
  • Interview
  • Offers

You can view your open application record details at anytime to add more notes or see if anyone else has added public information to the job vacancy since you last checked your application.

When viewing application details, you can quickly update it to indicate what round you are in, what the next action is for it is or change the status of an application.

While your open application is ongoing, if the vacancy is closed and no longer accepting new applications, you will be notified of this change.

Closing and archiving applications

When an application record has been closed by you, it will appear in the Closed section as part of the total with its details below. Closed application records can be archived in batches by clicking on the Archive closed applications into a batch. Once they are archived you can no longer see the application details. The batch naming is automatic and a date range.

The Responses section

The responses will show all the information that you’ve provided across all applications as a quick reference for you.

What’s in the Metrics section

This section tells you at a glance useful insights such as:

  • How many applications you have in total
  • How many applications are still open
  • The ages of your oldest and newest open applications
  • The total count of closed applications and its closure reasons subtotals

Updated on September 21, 2023

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