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Using your job preferences


Some people have an idea of exactly what they want to do next. Others don’t. Our curated Job Board caters for both.

When viewing the details about a vacancy, you can choose to improve your job preferences which will narrow down your job results.

Reasons might include: location being too far or the fact that you aren’t interested in a part-time or office based job.

You can change and reset your job preferences at any time.

How do I reset my job preferences?

To reset your job preferences:

  1. Click on Careers / Jobs
  2. Locate the Preferences section and click on show details
  3. Click on Start over

This will show you all the active vacancies so you can start to narrow down your choices again.

Get notified of new jobs

You can choose to receive new job notifications; daily, weekly (every seven days), fortnightly (every two weeks) or every 30 days (monthly). This option can be found alongside the New jobs alerts notification setting.

We will check all active vacancies added to the Job Board, run them through your personal job preferences and email you any new vacancies that matches your preferences.

If you want to change the frequency or turn off / on this notification:

  1. Go to Account / Settings
  2. Locate the Notifications section
  3. Click on Edit Notifications
  4. Choose between:
    • Change frequency: Choose from the available options in the dropdown
    • To turn off: Untick New job alerts notification setting
    • To turn on: Tick the New job alerts notification setting
  5. Update your changes
Updated on September 7, 2023

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